Fresh food is the basis for wholesome, healthy living. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed as crisp and fresh as when purchased at the local market.

In addition to the quality of your food, the right storage conditions are just as important. Storage conditions determine how fresh, tasty and healthy food should be when preparing for consumption.

The drawers of your Miele MasterCool appliance provide the perfect climate for the storage of your food. With Miele’s innovative MasterFresh function, the refrigerator temperature is particularly low, keeping vitamins and minerals preserved for a longer period of time.

Product Highlights

BrilliantLight perfectly illuminates the interior cabinet of your Miele
appliance – even if it is filled to maximum capacity. The high-quality
LED strips in the side walls of your Miele MasterCool appliance turn
on gently as soon as you open the door, giving you a perfect view of
your food and wine storage.

Our sophisticated NoFrost system saves you the hassle of defrosting and cleaning the appliance. With automatic defrosting, this feature also protects the evaporator units as well as the environment – as the appliance is particularly energy-efficient to keep cool because it is always free of ice.

Active AirClean filter
With the combination of active charcoal and chitosan (a natural product), Miele filters effectively prevent odors. This also applies to odor-free storage of wine. The
solution: Miele’s Active AirClean filter. The innovative combination of
active charcoal and chitosan, a natural product, eliminates virtually
all odors in the refrigerator section.

DuplexCool Pro
Miele’s MasterCool refrigerators and freezers have separate cooling circuits which ensure an optimum climate in both units. In addition, there is no air exchange between the two compartments. This prevents food in the refrigerator from drying out, and odors from certain foods like fish, onions or cheese from transferring to food in the freezer.

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